If you’re in the mood for a meal out with the family but you want to stick with plant-based options, finding the right restaurant can feel like a daunting challenge. Fortunately, the area in and around Thornton has plenty of great restaurants where vegan and vegetarian dishes abound. Whether you want a vegetarian-only menu or you’re looking to explore a restaurant with dedicated plant-based options on a broader menu, you’ll find so many places to love close to home.

Not sure where to start? Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree has you covered. We’ve put together this list of seven great restaurants to check out the next time you’re planning a fun outing.

Yak and Yeti Thornton

A person making hummus at a plant based restaurant near Thornton, CO

Hummus!” used with permission via Unsplash by bartoshevicz

Though you’ll find meat based dishes on this menu, a huge vegetarian entrees section makes finding a way to have plant-based meal out easier than ever. You can even get the items on the vegetarian menu made for vegan diets upon request. From chana masala (delicious chickpeas cooked in tangy tomato, onion, and scallion curry sauce) to the mixed vegetable curry and beyond, there’s something for everyone at this popular local spot.

Yak and Yeti’s Thornton location, one of four Yak and Yeti restaurants in the area, makes treating your family to delicious vegetarian eats a breeze. The wide-ranging menu features Indian and Tibetan dishes sure to take family mealtime to the next level.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil is another Thornton restaurant that makes it easy to explore cuisines from around the world offering plant based meals. With a range of dishes available made with tofu as a source of protein, not to mention a whole section of the menu dedicated to vegetable dishes, Thai Basil offers an amazing selection to check out when you’re craving a vegetarian meal.

In the mood for curry? Get Thai curries made with tofu for a plant-based delight. Time for noodle dishes, or maybe something made with rice? You’ll find plenty of choices on this menu. You can even customize the spice level with options ranging from mild to medium to spicy to “Thai hot,” so you’re sure to find meals that work for everyone in your group.

Kachina Southwest Grill

Head over to nearby Westminster for a meal at Kachina Southwest Grill. This restaurant takes you on a culinary adventure to the American Southwest’s four corners through a modern space and unique menu.

The restaurant makes it easy to find vegetarian meals by marking those choices clearly on their menu. If you stop in for breakfast or brunch, options like the huevos rancheros and chile mango creme French toast offer a mouthwatering experience. Planning a dinner out? You’ll find a range of salads as well as the “Los Vegetales” Navajo tacos and “Calabacita Stuffed Poblano,” a huge roasted poblano pepper stuffed with seasonal treats like calabacita, mushrooms, Texas black beans, cheese, and more.

Saigon Basil

Make the short drive over to Northglenn when you’re in the mood for Vietnamese cuisine. That’s where you’ll find Saigon Basil and a menu complete with delicious flavors, not to mention a range of options perfect if you’re looking for a vegetarian meal at a local restaurant.

The Pho Chay here is a meatless take on classic Vietnamese noodle soup typically made from bone broth and thin-sliced meat like beef. This version of the dish is made with tofu, mixed vegetables, vegetable broth, and – of course –  rice noodles. There’s also a section of the menu dedicated to vegetarian entrees like vegetarian soup, spring rolls, tofu dishes, and more.

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

Seeking out a restaurant with a solely vegetarian menu? You don’t have to travel too far from Thornton to experience some amazing options. Take Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant in Boulder, for example. With a menu focused on seasonal, fresh, organic ingredients, Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant offers exclusively vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

This restaurant also has strictly vegan dishes and dishes with vegan options. Discover treats like calamari-style oyster mushrooms, jackfruit enchiladas, carrot risotto, and more. If you want a restaurant that takes vegetarian and vegan food to the next level, you can’t go wrong with a meal here.

Vital Root

Denver’s Vital Root is another great option if you’re looking for a nearby restaurant for a healthy, plant-based meal. This spot takes a fast-casual approach to healthy, tasty eating. Bright, plant-based meals nourish your body and honor the earth, and the almost-entirely vegan menu has something kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy.

Bahn mi tacos, sunflower risotto, breakfast falafel — there’s something to love no matter where you look on this menu. Vital Root even has a kids menu that makes healthy eating with the kiddos in tow even easier. Treats like almond butter and jelly sandwiches and ube sweet potato pancakes make for a fun experience when you want to plan a family excursion.

Spice Room

Spice Room, another tasty choice if you’re heading into Denver for a meal, has been delighting the community with a vegetarian-friendly dining experience since 2017. That’s when a few friends came together to create a collection of family recipes, focusing on vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes.

The Indian cuisine you’ll find here will have you looking for excuses to visit the restaurant again. Street foods, vegan picks, and beyond make a meal here something to look forward to. Though you’ll find menu items made with chicken, lamb, and seafood, Spice Rooms goes a long way to highlight vegetarian and vegan options, simplifying your dining experience. You can even get classics like Saag Paneer made vegan upon request.There you have it. Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree just gave you seven amazing restaurants in or close to Thornton with a variety of options for delicious plant-based meals. You’ll find restaurants that offer large vegetarian menu sections alongside meat-based meals if you’re planning an outing with a mixed group as well as restaurants dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food. Do you have another great local restaurant we didn’t include on this list? Let us know so we can add your go-to plant-based spot!