Even when living in the city, wildlife viewing is not far away. With careful planning, you and your family can have a wild time, support your little animal lover, and provide a memorable experience for everyone. Helping children understand the various species that humans share the planet with is essential, and experiential knowledge is often an engaging way for growing minds to retain and recall valuable information. Explore our list of the top locations where you can see some wildlife and fascinating insects in and around Coppell, Texas. 

Coppell Nature Park

Two ducks in a pond at Coppell Nature Park in Texas

Wigeon talk by Shiva Shenoy is licensed with CC BY 2.0

The Coppell Nature Park is a prime location for you and your kids to spot some wildlife. This 66-acre park, located within Wagon Wheel Park on the west side of Coppell, Texas, is a natural habitat for hawks, coyotes, and even bobcats. With more than 130 species of birds migrating through the park annually, birders will have their schedule packed with spotting and documenting avian creatures. The park has more than 5 miles of trails to explore, making this an ideal destination to sneak in some moderate exercise for the day. 

Visitors to the park will also find a diverse selection of vegetation and fauna native to the area. When you go, stop by the Biodiversity Education Center for some hands-on environmental education. Learn about environmental sustainability issues and experience humans’ intimate connection with the natural world. During the warmer months, let the kids explore flora and fauna, get dirty on the ground, and identify some smaller insects that call the park home. 

Little hands will find a world of interest as they observe ants collecting crumbs, beetles crawling about, and little ladybugs searching for aphids to eat. Download the Insects of Coppell Nature Park pamphlet before you head out and challenge your child to a scavenger hunt. You can even include your family’s dog on the trip, as the park allows leashed dogs on the property. Just be sure to pick up after your pet. Leave any bikes and strollers at home or secure them in your vehicle. Bikes and strollers disturb the park’s ecological balance.

  • Location: 367 Freeport Parkway, Coppell.
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset, daily.
  • Contact: 972-304-3581.

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

The Sharkarosa Zoo in Pilot Point is a go-to for many animal lovers looking for fun and wild adventure. Both A&E and the Discovery Channel have featured this beautiful 126-acre ranch. The experience is self-guided so that you and your child can take a stroll and enjoy looking at your favorite animals. You can expect to see more than 180 creatures, including an alpaca, emu, bobcat, albino eastern grey kangaroo, white lions and tigers, miniature cows, and a bearded dragon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the two-toed sloth lounging around.

The zoo also offers 20-minute educational presentations throughout the day at different locations throughout the park. Visit the petting zoo to help your tactile learner enjoy being up close and personal with wildlife. Adult general admission for visitors 13 years and older begins at only $13; children from 3 to 12 can enter for only $10. The zoo offers discounts and special pricing for older adults, military personnel, and first responders. You can also purchase a Pack Pass for a family of four for $150. 

  • Location: 11670 Massey Road, Pilot Point.
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday through Sunday, year-round. 
  • Contact: 940-686-4600.

Stockyard Stables

Just 30 minutes away from Coppell in Fort Worth, you’ll find the Stockyard Stables. The entire family can enjoy the day surrounded by horses and farm animals and feel like a cowboy. Go horseback riding by scheduling a one-hour or 30-minute trail ride. Reservations are not required, and anyone older than 8 can participate. Riders must weigh less than 235 pounds and wear the provided helmets. Stagecoach and carriage rides are also available, beginning at $40 per person. For $5 extra, you can treat your little one to an experience in the petting zoo. 

For an interesting talking piece, take your phone and take a picture on top of a real longhorn. Use the image as a social media profile photo or a fun art on your living room wall. 

  • Location: 157 East Exchange Ave., Fort Worth. 
  • Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
  • Contact: 817-239-8830.

Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo

The Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo in the Dallas Zoo is ideal for spending a couple of hours or the entire day there. You and your kids can explore the grounds, enjoy pony rides for $2, and visit the barn to see pigs, horses, a bunny, and other animals. To get out some extra energy, visit the Wander play area for kids to go down some slides, pretend to be an arachnid by climbing the spiderweb net, or splash around in the little stream. 

  • Location: 650 S. R. L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas. 
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. 
  • Contact: 469-554-7500.

Crème de la Crème of Coppell has revealed our list of the top places near Coppell, Texas, where you can take the kids to see wildlife and creepy crawlers. Whether your child is interested in zoological sciences or is a future entomologist, any of these destinations will ignite your little one’s imagination. What do you think of our list? Did you see something that will be an enriching experience for your child?

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