Looking for a gift to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate all that they do? We put together this list of 14 quick, thoughtful gifts that are guaranteed to make your child’s teacher smile. Show your gratitude during this Teacher Appreciation Week with these gifts.

Custom Snack Box

Image via Flickr by Sweet Flour Bake Shop Licensed CC BY 2.0

A good snack stash is essential for many teachers, so give your child’s teacher the fuel they need to get through a busy day with a munchable gift. Put together a custom snack box by having your kid help you choose a selection of easy-to-stash snacks for their teacher to enjoy throughout the day. Crafting a snack box full of your teacher’s favorite treats is guaranteed to make them smile and provide them with the midday pick-me-up they need.

Skin Care Kit

A skin care kit can include a variety of lotions, oils, brushes, and exfoliant products for self-care. Taking time each day to perform a skin care routine can be relaxing and reinvigorating. Giving your child’s teacher a skin care kit can help them feel refreshed and confident in their skin.

Fragrant Candles

Unwinding after a long day of teaching by lighting a fragrant candle can be a great way to get some quality rest. Consider customizing the candle to include scents you know the teacher in your life is going to love. Another option is to order a candle with a custom label so you can write your own message of gratitude. This can make your child’s teacher feel appreciated every time they light their new favorite candle. 

Book of the Month Subscription

Is your child’s favorite teacher a bookworm? Then getting a three-month subscription to a book of the month service can be a great gift idea. With this kind of subscription service, your child’s teacher gets to pick out a new book every month to help them unwind after a day of lesson planning.

Bath Products

For busy teachers looking to relax after school, a soak in the tub can be just what they need. Show your thanks by gifting your child’s teacher a bathing kit, or choose a selection of bath products for them to enjoy. For example, bath bombs, scented oils, or bath salts can all be great options to give your child’s teacher the gift of relaxation.

Teacher-Themed Coloring Book

Help your child’s teacher de-stress with some creative coloring. A teacher-themed coloring book can be just the creative outlet your child’s teacher needs. Consider a coloring book with a relatable sense of humor to help them end a day in the classroom with laughter.

Mug Warmer

For teachers who like to keep their tea, coffee, or another beverage warm all morning, a mug warmer can be a thoughtful gift and a great addition to their desktop, too. Busy teachers will appreciate getting to sip their favorite warm drink throughout the day and between lessons.

Wireless Phone Charger

Give your child’s teacher the gift of battery life with a wireless phone charger. Having a classroom charger means they don’t have to worry about leaving their tech at home or in the classroom after work. A wireless phone charger can be a great addition to their desk so your child’s teacher can ensure they never miss any important texts or phone calls during the day. If you’re interested in giving this thoughtful gift, make sure to get one that’s compatible with their type of phone. 

Tote Bag

Tote bags offer incredible functionality to teachers. Not only are they easy to wash, but they’re convenient for transporting files, folders, assignments, and computers to and from school. A cute tote bag with multiple pockets provides all the utility a teacher needs to get all their materials wherever they need to go.

Lap Desk

Sometimes, teachers may need to bring some of their work home with them at the end of the day. A lap desk can be a great gift for a teacher who loves the idea of grading from their couch or bed. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you have many options to pick a lap desk to suit their needs and style preferences.

Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on the job is important for anyone. Show a teacher your appreciation by gifting them a high quality insulated water bottle to keep with them hydrated throughout the workday. Choose a stainless steel bottle that can keep your teacher’s favorite beverage at the perfect sipping temperature while also ensuring lasting durability.

Portable Speaker

Consider buying your child’s teacher a portable, waterproof speaker they can use in the classroom and beyond. A portable speaker can be a great gift for any teacher hoping to spend their summer vacation relaxing by the pool while listening to all of their favorite tunes. When school starts back up again, having a portable speaker to use in the classroom can also be useful for a variety of educational activities.

International Snacks Subscription Box

For adventurous snackers, an international snack subscription box can be a fun way to travel the world without leaving the classroom. Choose an international snack box and surprise your child’s teacher with a delicious array of snacks from all over the world to try. You can sign up for monthly deliveries or choose a one-time delivery option.

Meal Kit Subscription

If your child’s teacher loves to cook, consider getting them a meal kit subscription. These subscriptions include recipes that are nutritious as well as quick and easy to make after a day in the classroom. They also come with all the ingredients they’ll need. Meal kit subscriptions can arrive at your child’s teacher’s doorstep at regular intervals, such as once per month.

Show your gratitude to your child’s teacher with a thoughtful gift this Teacher Appreciation Week or for back to school teacher gift ideas! For all the effort teachers invest into their students, you can share your thankfulness with a gift they’re sure to enjoy. Have any other ideas for perfect teacher gifts? Contact our team at Crème de la Crème so we can add it to our list.