Are you considering having your child take part in yoga classes in the Colleyville, Texas, area? Fortunately, you’ll find several places that either teach dedicated kids yoga classes or welcome them for family classes. In this article, our team at Crème de la Crème of Colleyville explains the benefits of having your child take yoga, as well as listing a few places to take your family for kid’s yoga.

Why Is Yoga Beneficial to Children?

A room full of children doing yoga in Colleyville, TX

Kids Yoga class by Ilona is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Building strength and flexibility, and practicing mindfulness and the mind/body connection are some of the staples of practicing yoga. While these practices may be easier for adults needing to relax, children often like to socialize, move about, and keep their minds and bodies engaged. If children need movement and activity, what are the benefits of taking your youngster to a yoga class designed for kids or that welcomes them to class?

However, children who practice yoga can help build body awareness, learn ways to relax, focus on the moment, and build strength and flexibility in their growing bodies. When kids take yoga classes, they’ll learn ways to settle their active minds and bodies, gain self-confidence, and boost self-esteem.

How To Determine the Best Yoga Style for My Child?

Not all yoga styles are the same and there is no one blanket type of yoga for kids to practice. Before enrolling your child in a yoga class, you’ll want to understand the various types that will most benefit your unique child’s personality and stage of development. Younger children will need classes that teach simple movements with short periods of mindfulness or meditation, while older kids can start taking classes with more complex poses and deeper relaxation times.

Very active kids can benefit from nada yoga which uses sound to help relax the mind and body, while children that need more activity in their lives can benefit from vinyasa yoga, especially if they have basic yoga training. Check in with your child after their yoga class and see how they like it and how they feel. If they enjoy the style, they can continue with the yoga classes. If they feel pain or are uncomfortable with the class, consider finding another yoga style or class for them.

Below, you’ll find a list of yoga classes for kids in the Colleyville area.

Sanyara Yoga & Wellness

Sanyara Yoga & Wellness teaches after-school yoga classes for children 8 to 13 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Professional yoga instructors teach their students the basics and discipline of yoga during the six-week sessions of these after-school classes.

In addition, you can sign your youngsters up for yoga day camps as they pop up throughout the year. From time to time, Sanyara Yoga & Wellness offers parents’ night out/kid’s aerial yoga workshops that both you and your child will enjoy. Adults can sign up for a variety of classes offered at Sanyara Yoga & Wellness, including heated vinyasa, hatha, flow, mat Pilates, and Zen and sound.

Location: 2008 E. State Highway 114, Southlake.

Contact: 817-329-9268.

Fit Family|Yogi Kids

Fit Family|Yogi Kids offers a variety of yoga classes for adults, young kids, and tweens to help improve strength, endurance, and flexibility. The instructors at Fit Family|Yogi Kids teach classes for kids 5 to 8 in a 10-week series designed to help your youngster sleep better and build muscles necessary for development.

Tweens between the ages of 9 to 12 can take their own classes that help them build flexibility, boost self-esteem, and create self-awareness. Check the website often to see when Fit Family|Yogi Kids offers kids and tween yoga series classes. Adults can take yoga classes ranging from gentle restorative to yoga with weights designed to firm and tone muscles.

During spring and summer break, you can enroll your kids in one of Fit Family|Yogi Kids camps with games, arts and crafts, playtime, and special events like movies with popcorn. You can even book yoga birthday parties that include yoga, games, music, stories, and arts and crafts sessions.

Location: 1501 Flower Mound Road, Flower Mound.

Contact: 214-325-2547.

Urban Vybe Dynamic Yoga & Fitness

When you want to combine yoga classes with fitness classes, enroll your child in aerial yoga, or take a cardio boot camp, become a member of Urban Vybe Dynamic Yoga & Fitness. Kids 7 to 15 can enroll in the hour-long aerial yoga class to learn inversions, climbing, and yoga flow. 

At the end of the class, the instructors have the children get into a cocoon pose for 10 minutes of meditation, ideal for calming the kid’s minds after an exhilarating session of aerial yoga. In addition, Urban Vybe Dynamic Yoga & Fitness offers monthly kid’s yoga workshops for children 13 and younger. Most of the adult classes are open to kids 13 and older.

Location: 2500 Lakeside Parkway #180, Flower Mound.

Contact: 972-691-8923.

Nanda Yoga

Nanda Yoga offers children’s yoga classes from as young as 6 weeks to 12 years old. The instructors at Nanda Yoga teach children yoga in a joyful way that helps embrace the child’s full potential and spirit. Kids will build strength and flexibility while developing mindfulness while attending classes in a safe and all-inclusive environment. Using sensory activities, yoga games, music, stories, and playful yoga poses, children will learn about yoga’s true meaning of honor to themselves and the community.

The owner and founder of Nanda Yoga, Kate Murphy, has a passion for sharing her training and knowledge of kid’s yoga with her students and created her studio space as a yoga sanctuary for families living in the Fort Worth area. Additional family classes offered at Nanda Yoga include baby and me, movers and shakers, and yoganastics.

Location: 2408 Montgomery St., Fort Worth.

Contact: 817-752-4044.

There you have our list of yoga classes for children in our area. If you have a recommendation for other locations youngsters can practice yoga, let us know. Our team at Crème de la Crème of Colleyville always enjoys learning about yoga schools or classes, and we can share your recommendation with others in our Colleyville community.