Some days, it can feel like a huge challenge to put together a meal option the whole family will enjoy. Finding a meal that kids and adults alike look forward to that’s also healthy? That can be a real test. Fortunately, Maple Grove is home to a variety of easy-to-access restaurants that offer up a range of healthy possibilities.

Crème de la Crème of Maple Grove makes it even easier to get your next meal figured out with this list of our top five healthy eateries close to home. From hearty salads to healthy grain bowls to cuisines from around the world, there’s something for everyone right here in Maple Grove.

Crisp & Green

A board full of fresh and vibrant summertime vegetables.

Image via Flickr by Phalinn Ooi

If the name itself doesn’t give it away, a quick trip to this Minnesota favorite’s Maple Grove location will show you the healthy eats you have access to close to home. The small chain of eateries puts their focus on salads and bowls, making it easier than ever to get a casual meal the whole family is sure to love. Choose a bowl with noodles or grains, or build your own bowl to make sure the meal suits your kids’ unique tastes. In the mood for a smoothie? You can even get a vegan option made with coconut milk.

With meals made from scratch, this is the place to go for an easygoing healthy experience. They provide vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, taking the guesswork out of grabbing a wholesome meal. The full menu is filled with delights like poke bowls, grain bowls, and crisp and delicious salads. They even offer a kids menu complete with kid-friendly salads and bowls sure to please even the pickiest kids.

Hong Thai

Take the kids on a trip around the world without ever leaving Maple Grove. Hong Thai, a small chain with a location right here in Maple Grove, makes it easy to introduce your family to healthy and oh-so-tasty Thai fare. A menu designed especially for kids makes it even easier to plan a meal at this local spot.

Whether your kid is in the mood for chicken (think mouthwatering sesame or sweet and sour styles) or veggies (stir-fried broccoli is one way to get those daily vegetable servings in without a fight!), the perfect dish is waiting for them here. Kids can even choose from rice and noodle entrees and add a protein like tofu to top it all off.

Venture off the kids menu to enjoy classic curry dishes, vegetarian-friendly soups and salads, and more authentic cuisine. Healthy eating knows no borders, and this restaurant is a great way to get the kids interested in unique foods they might not otherwise try.

Ten Sushi

Maple Grove’s very own Ten Sushi introduces kids to a world of flavors, too. Head in for lunch or dinner whenever you want a tasty meal packed with interesting taste. You can order a variety of sushi and sashimi dishes that range from salmon to tuna to eel and more. If your kids aren’t feeling that adventurous, they’ll still find plenty to enjoy on this menu.

There’s a whole assortment of vegetarian rolls here as well as teriyaki and tempura options. In fact, Ten Sushi offers a kids dinner box that children are sure to enjoy trying out. You’ll find rice dishes, noodles, soups, and more, so it’s easier to put together a meal everyone in the family will love. They even offer an extensive hibachi menu to add to the fun! Whether your kiddos love trying new things or they’re a little hesitant with new menu items, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant.

Pizza Karma

Sometimes you just need a good pizza. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a healthier option to that oily and cheesy — albeit delicious — classic pizza slice? You’ll find just what you need to nix your pizza cravings thanks to Pizza Karma.

Whether you drop by the Maple Grove location or make the quick drive out to Eden Prairie, you’ll be glad you checked out this non-traditional pizza joint. They serve naan-crust pizza with options you can design yourself, or you can just order treats like “Saag Paneer” pizza right off the menu. The restaurant offers some vegan naan crust options as well as vegan mozzarella cheese, so no matter what your family’s dietary needs are, you’ll find some unique options here.

The restaurant has a mission of eating globally but living locally, and they make all their pizzas with high-quality ingredients. They’re dedicated to keeping the planet healthy, too, as they recycle and compost all waste.

Broadway Pizza

Don’t let the name fool you. This Minnesota chain offers more than just pizza, and they have a location right in Maple Grove. Though you might not expect it from the Broadway Pizza moniker, you can actually find plenty of gluten-free, plant-based, and other healthy options here. This “pizza” place also has tasty salads and protein bowls (complete with healthy grains like different kinds of rice, quinoa, black barley, and veggies like kale and arugula) on their extensive menu.

They even offer the Impossible Burger, a totally meat-free burger, which this restaurant completes with a plant-based bun and vegan mozzarella. There’s also a plant-based spaghetti and meatballs dish here, which includes traditional noodles but no-meat meatballs. Whether you want to treat the family to these healthier versions of classic dishes or load up on treats like their hearty salads and bowls, Broadway Pizza should make it onto your list of eateries with healthy choices.

There’s Crème de la Crème’s list of amazing eateries that serve up meals that are both super healthy and tasty in Maple Grove, MN., and the surrounding area. You’re sure to find something any kid will enjoy on this list and we hope you enjoy the amazing family meals that will come out of it.