Learning a new language is a fun experience that can open doors to other cultures for people of all ages. It can expand your understanding of the world and teach you how language shapes your views. Language classes are increasingly an option that parents want for their children. Speaking a second language can increase vocabulary and learning skills. It also can help kids connect with relatives in other countries or help them understand a different culture.  There are many reasons you might sign up your kids for some second-language classes, no matter how young or old they are.

Benefits of a Second Language

Kids learn new games at a language class in West Chester, Ohio

Humphreys, Pyeongtaek students experience ‘fun’” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by USAG-Humphreys

Learning more than one language is shown to help with neuroplasticity of the brain, which can help children excel in their studies and leads to greater academic achievement. Being bilingual has been shown to improve cognitive abilities and improve memory later in life, even reducing mental decline in old age. Experienced teachers can tell you that learning another language won’t hinder a young child’s ability to grasp their first language, and can even help build vocabulary skills. At whatever age your child starts a second-language class, it can encourage a bigger connection to the world and broaden horizons.

Your child might one day be interested in a study-abroad program in which their second-language skills will come in handy and help them more easily adjust to their new environment. Being able to speak a second language can open up more job opportunities once your child begins seeking work, especially if they want to work abroad or with international clients. There are numerous reasons that you might want to learn a second language, from improved learning skills to increased cognitive abilities and being able to communicate with people in their first language from other cultures.

Online Language Learning

Online language courses let your kids learn from anywhere, with flexible times that can fit their schedules and yours, too. Take lessons is a popular language site that lets you choose from a variety of languages, including French, German, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and more. You can read reviews of teachers who offer live, online classes and choose one to fit your price, schedule, language preference, and learning style. You can also use the site to find popular teachers in your area who offer private lessons in their studio or in your home.

Duolingo is a widely-used language learning app that is free with ads, or available to purchase as a pro version without ads. It is more suited to older kids or adults since you have to be able to read and write in your first language. It currently offers over 35 different languages for English speakers to learn, ranging from Finnish, Dutch, and Irish, to Navajo, Hindi, Hebrew, and Hawaiian. Duolingo also offers Duolingo Kids to help children get started on their bilingual journey. The fun games and rewards will keep young kids engaged and learning.

La Casita Learning Center

The La Casita Learning Center offers Spanish language classes in West Chester. It has two programs of evening classes, Discover Kids for children ages 3 to 8, and Adventures in Spanish for children ages 9 to 17. There are also Saturday classes for adults. Tuition is $75 a month for weekly classes and goes to $125 for twice-weekly classes. Or you can pay $175 a month if you want to go three times a week for an accelerated learning experience. Parents of attending children may participate in the kids’ class at a 50% reduced rate.

Learning a language with your child is a great way for them to have someone to practice with at home. You’ll be able to help them with homework as you learn together, speaking new words around the dinner table. At La Casita Learning Center, your child will be taught Spanish by a teacher who speaks it as a first language, with English as their second language. Being taught by a native speaker is an ideal way to learn any language since they can help you create the right sounds and have a high level of skill in pronunciation and grammar.

Cultured Kids Club

Cultured Kids Club has a few locations around the country, including one in Cincinnati near West Chester. This Cincinnati location offers Spanish, French, and Chinese classes for for kids ages 3 to 14 at multiple levels of proficiency. You can choose from several class types, including online classes with first-language speakers, private lessons, and summer camps. The private lessons can be done online or at home depending on availability and your preferences, and are for ages 18 months to 14 years. The teacher will provide all materials for the 1- or 1.5-hour lesson.

The Cincinnati Spanish School and Academy

The Cincinnati Spanish School and Academy offers immersion learning classes, private lessons, in-school programs, and more. Immersion learning teaches the students by immersing them in a language, So the class will be conducted in that language, with tools to help the students pick up what is being said. This approach helps them learn the spoken language first, just as they learned their first language. The Spanish Academy has Saturday morning classes for kids ages 2 to 11, either in-person at its location at 816 Delta Ave. in Cincinnati, or virtual via Zoom. It also offers both group and private classes for adults.

There are many languages your kids can choose to learn, either for a connection to their family’s culture or to broaden their understanding of a completely different culture. There are also many ways to learn a new language —  online, at home, or through attending classes. Once you decide which method is best for you, you can find a teacher in your area who specializes in the language you chose. At Crème de la Crème of West Chester, we hope you’ve found this list helpful. Contact us and let us know what language that you and your kids would like to learn.