Exploring the outdoors as a family is a great way to enjoy time with the kids, all while introducing them to all that nature has to offer. Our hometown features a wide range of awesome parks and outdoor spaces perfect for getting outside. The city of Coppell’s parks and trails network offers green spaces, trails, playgrounds, and hiking for all ages, so you’re sure to find the ideal place to explore with the kids.

In fact, with so many amazing parks in our area, it can be tough to know where to go on a given day! That’s why Crème de la Crème of Coppell has put together this list of popular parks in our own backyard. Whether you’re looking to go on a hike with the kids or just sit back and relax with a picnic lunch surrounded by nature, Coppell has it all. Check out these awesome parks the next time you’re planning a family adventure.

Andrew Brown Park: East, West, and Central

A picnic basket on a table in a local park.

Image via Unsplash by bonniekdesign

Andrew Brown Park is Coppell’s largest park, so it’s no wonder the system offers a wide variety of outdoor fun possibilities for the whole family. The park is so huge that the city breaks it down into three parks: Andrew Brown Park East, West, and Central. A big lake, tons of open spaces, and picnic structures are just the start. Whether you’re looking for the children’s play area, the recreation center and indoor workout facilities, or the outdoor pool complete with fun slides, the park commonly known as Andy Brown Park really has it all.

Andrew Brown Park East

You can’t go wrong with a visit to Andrew Brown Park East if you’re planning a fun day outdoors with the kids. The East park sprawls across 118 acres, offering diverse activities such as jogging trails, picnic spaces, and more. Spend a day fishing, or take a leisurely walk along the nature trail. Picturesque streams and plenty of green make Andy Brown Park East an ideal spot for any outdoor adventure.

Andrew Brown Park West

Andrew Brown Park West is pretty big in its own right. This Coppell park covers 52 acres, and it features opportunities for hiking and jogging as well. You’ll also find spaces for kids looking to get in a game of baseball or softball, soccer, or basketball here.

Andrew Brown Park Central

The smallest section of this particular park, Andrew Brown Park Central is only 8 acres. Still, it includes a range of possibilities for outdoor fun. Trails wind through this segment of the park system, as well, and you’ll find places to play lacrosse, baseball or softball, and football in this area.

Coppell Nature Park

Kiddos interested in nature will love visiting Coppell Nature Park. There’s so much to explore throughout the 66-acre park, you’ll likely want to make multiple trips back to see it all!

Located within Wagon Wheel Park on Coppell’s west side, Coppell Nature Park provides a natural habitat for an abundance of wildlife. Bobcats, coyotes, hawks, and many other animals call the park home. Over 130 species of birds migrate through Coppell Nature Park every year, too. The park also boasts an abundance of native vegetation, making it a great place to connect with natural wonders in Texas. And with more than 5 miles of trails, it’s a great place to keep coming back for outdoor time with the kids.

Kids looking to dive even deeper into nature and conservation will appreciate Coppell Nature Park’s Biodiversity Education Center. There, participants of educational programs get a hands-on environmental education, observing local flora and fauna and learning about environmental sustainability issue. The Biodiversity Education Center offers programs for schools and the wider community, so interested kids are sure to find a way to get involved.

Wagon Wheel Park

In addition to Coppell Nature Park, Wagon Wheel Park as a whole makes having fun outside a breeze. The park stretches 153 acres overall. Within that wide area, you’ll discover trails, tennis courts, soccer fields, and more. Make a day of it by having a picnic as a family after exploring the nature park or kicking around a soccer ball.

Allen Road Park

You’ll have no trouble keeping the kids entertained if you head over to Allen Road Park. In addition to a playground with climbing, sliding, and swings, this park includes an open field perfect for kids to run around in. Picnic tables and a pavilion with grills means this park is a great local place to gather for a meal outside. The highlight here, though, is the nearby water channel, a scenic spot with a fountain and ducks. Kids will love searching for ducks to see or even feed while exploring.

Grapevine Springs Park

Whether you’re looking for a serene place to walk with the kids or a spot to take in the lush surroundings, you’ll want to put Grapevine Springs Park on your list. A network of paved and unpaved trails will keep you busy. You can also just relax in nature at one of the picnic tables. Kids interested in history will especially enjoy this park. Sam Houston camped here during treaty negotiations with Native Americans, making Grapevine Springs Park a must-see attraction for history buffs and nature lovers alike.

Hunterwood Park

Hunterwood Park is a great Coppell spot to take younger kids for a laid-back day outdoors. The neighborhood park features walking trails along a small creek. At just 7.7 acres, the smaller size makes this park manageable to explore while still offering up opportunities for relaxed fun. The cute and compact park has plenty of shady areas that attract beautiful birds, while a few picnic tables make it easy to settle in for a lunch outdoors with the kids after they enjoy their surroundings.

That concludes Crème de la Crème of Coppell’s list of awesome parks to enjoy right here in our own backyard. From nature trails to long hikes to laid-back picnic areas, Coppell has something for everyone. Did we leave your family’s favorite area park off of this list? If we did, let us know so we can check out your go-to green space and add it here!