Every day is a new opportunity to make long-lasting memories with your family. From watching your son or daughter chase a butterfly for the first time to seeing their eyes light up when they learn something new about the moon, you can provide new experiences that stay with them forever.

There are many reasons why Allen, Texas, is popular with families. It is safe, it is welcoming, and there’s a bunch of fun stuff to do! So get off the couch and round up the family to explore these kid-friendly attractions.

1. Visit the Allen Community Ice Rink

A young girl skating on an open-air ice skating rink.

Image via Pixabay by Mirceaiancu_CandidShots

If you’re looking to get a break from the dry Texas heat, step into the Allen Community Rice Rink and lace up your skates. This ice rink measures 85 feet by 200 feet and has a 300-person seating capacity. It offers a variety of activities for both young and old skaters throughout the year.

Start by signing up your child for a “Learn to Skate” class so they can understand the basics of moving around the ice. They can also take more advanced skate classes as they improve. The Allen Community Skate Park is a family center, which means there are opportunities for you to hit the rink with your kids. There is parent-child stick time for kids who are interested in playing hockey, along with birthday parties for children who really want a cool party.

Even if you don’t participate in any classes or activities, you can round up the family for the open skate time. For $5 entry and $3 skate rental, you and your family can enjoy this center on your own and build up your own skills on most weekends. Give it a try — you might find that your child was born to live on the ice.

2. Play in the Sprayground of Celebration Park

There are multiple opportunities to cool off in Allen, Texas. Families of all shapes and sizes can visit Celebration Park, located at 701 Angel Parkway. This park is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the summer, except on Wednesdays for maintenance.

If your child has never been to a “sprayground,” then they are in for a treat. Water bubbles up from the ground in beautiful arcs from strategically-placed fountains and spouts. The water turns on and off at different times, allowing kids to create games and chase different fountains when they turn on. Kids can cool off and play in the water even if they don’t know how to swim. The sprayground is open to kids ages 2 to 12.

There’s something else that makes Celebration Park special and worth a visit: The park is home to kidMania, the largest handicap-accessible playground in Texas. Kids can feel safe on the playground and parents can help them navigate with a playground experience just like any other kid. The park also has pavilions, barbecue grills, and other facilities for birthdays and events. This is a great free place to visit during the week to let your kids play and enjoy themselves.

3. Check Out the Hydrous Aqua Park

As your child learns to swim and becomes more confident in the water, you can head out to Hydrous Aqua Park to play on the inflatable rafts and slides that the park has built. Hydrous is a wakeboarding park at its core. It offers lessons for young learners, summer camps 429, group activities, and parties.

While this activity is great for older kids, it might not be right for your young child. This is why Hydrous created the Aqua Park. Kids can safely bounce around the obstacles and grow more comfortable in the water with these safe and fun activities.

It costs $15 to spend two hours in the Aqua Park and a life jacket is included. Participants under the age of 5 get in free along with the purchase of an adult ticket. Participants will need to sign an online waiver ahead of time and book their space online to make sure there is enough room for everyone.

4. Learn to Skate at The Edge Visitor Center

Allen is full of awesome sports complexes with activities for all ages! The Edge is home to the local visitor center but also a skate park where kids can grab their boards or blades and enjoy the ramps and rails that the city designed. There are skate competitions that families can watch, along with hockey games played on concrete instead of ice. The Edge also has a BMX track for extreme-sports fans who prefer bikes.

The activities at The Edge are considered high-risk, so parents should make sure their kids have the right protective equipment (like helmets and elbow pads) and should watch them carefully as they participate in different sports and games. Parents should also go over the rules and regulations of visiting the park beforehand so kids know how to behave.

5. Tumble Into ASI Gymnastics

There’s something for every sport or hobby in Allen! ASI Gymnastics is a great place for future gymnasts to train, but also for kids to have fun. Kids who want to try out gymnastics for the first time can participate in Friday Night Flips, where kids 4-14 are broken up by age and skill level to explore the trampolines and hone their tumbling skills.

Don’t worry, parents, there’s something for you as well at ASI. The center has a Parents’ Night Out event where kids 3-14 can play while parents enjoy a date night away from the kids. This can be a fun and affordable alternative to hiring a babysitter!

These are just a few of our top picks for spending a weekend in Allen, Texas. There’s so much to do, especially if you venture into Plano and Dallas. At our day cares in Allen, TX, we love our community and the kids who live there. We want the best for them in their lives and in their daycare. Reach out to learn more about how we make learning and daycare special, or just to share some of your favorite activities for a fun Allen weekend.