Learning another language is beneficial for your child in many ways, the most obvious being the ability to communicate with those who speak another language, but also as an advantage in their future workplace, where being bilingual is a highly sought-after skill. It will also lay a foundation for future second language coursework in junior high, high school, or college. The Crème de la Crème team invites you to check out these seven language classes to try around Cedar Park, Texas.

Excelencia Denali

Excelencia Denali is a creative bilingual preschool that teaches children Spanish through a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Your child will participate in a robust early childhood education within a bi-cultural program. Students of all levels of Spanish learning are welcome, whether beginners or those seeking to increase their Spanish fluency.

Children will be taught a second language the same way they learned English, with continued exposure, until communicating in Spanish becomes natural. Spanish is especially useful in central Texas, with a high percentage of Spanish-speaking residents. There are also cognitive benefits to learning a second language, including heightened creativity, spatial relation skills, and enhanced problem-solving skills. Excelencia Denali is located at 501 Denali Pass Drive in Cedar Park.

Coolong Chinese

Coolong Chinese is a Chinese enrichment school with Chinese language and cultural learning. They have various classes, including online lessons, Little Me classes, preschool enrichment, an after-school program, a home-school course, private classes, summer school, and a community program. This roster of classes makes learning convenient under any circumstances. They also have fun games and activities along with language lessons.

Studying a foreign language enhances your child’s cognitive development and academic achievement. Learning Chinese is also valuable for future business settings, with companies collaborating with overseas workers. You can find Coolong Chinese at 1580 Cypress Creek Road in Cedar Park.

Marvelous Mandarin

Native-speaking teachers will help your child learn Chinese at Marvelous Mandarin. Children learn the basics of the verbal language in an engaging and fun environment. Children ages 5-8 can participate in the weekly full immersion lessons, while 9 to 11-year-olds can add literacy and cultural lessons to the full immersion course. Marvelous Mandarin also offers high school AP Chinese, UT Chinese, and IB Chinese test prep programs in small group, one-on-one, or one-on-two settings. You can enroll your child today at 3818 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 300, in Austin.

My Smart Hands With Kathryn

My Smart Hands With Kathryn is a school for American Sign Language (ASL). It has a two-part mission. One is teaching you to use sign language to communicate with your hearing baby before they are verbal. It’s beneficial as it reduces babies’ frustration when communicating their needs. The other mission is to teach hearing people American Sign Language to communicate with hard-of-hearing and deaf people, which is especially important for parents with a hard-of-hearing or deaf child. My Smart Hands with Kathryn is located at 11807 Dove Haven Drive in Austin.

Risas Y Sonrisas Spanish Program For Kids

If you’re interested in a Spanish school for elementary-aged students, check out Risas Y Sonrisas. They use creative teaching aids to accelerate Spanish language learning. They have an immersive classroom program, programs online, or those for home schooling. They have an award-winning program that includes a comprehensive curriculum where they use printed and digital materials, visual aids, songs, games, and music to teach your child Spanish and encourage them to use it.

Their Spanish language curriculum succeeds by tapping into your child’s natural language-learning abilities, focusing on acquiring vocabulary and practical conversational skills. Students progress through a sequence of introduction to Spanish, reinforcement of language skills, and language mastery learning levels until they reach fluency and can confidently communicate in Spanish. Risas Y Sonrisas is located at 8650 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 145-590, in Austin.

Austin Spanish Academy

Austin Spanish Academy offers a wide variety of Spanish language learning programs, so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. Try their Mommy and Me Program, which is a Spanish immersion program for a class you can take with your child. The class is offered based on age groups from six months to four years of age to facilitate learning at different levels. They also offer a class for pre-kindergarten to all elementary school grades. The classes are divided into different age groups, from ages four to 11.

There’s also a middle school immersion program, with the classes offered separately to children of different age groups from 12 to 14 years old. Then there’s a high school Spanish Immersion Program designed to teach all skill levels from beginner to advanced. They also offer a Spanish For Spanish Speakers Immersion Program explicitly designed for students who speak Spanish at home. Finally, there are private lessons available that are tailored to the specific needs of each child.

Cool Panda Chinese Learning for Kids 

Cool Panda is a school that teaches the Mandarin Chinese language. They offer language school classes, tutoring, and online education. You can take a Mommy and Me class to give your child a head start and learn alongside them. Classes are for babies six months to 36 months. The lessons use stories, songs, dance, playing rhythm games, and engaging in movement activities, all in Chinese.

Also offered are two-hour immersion classes for ages two-and-a-half to age six. Classes are taught in Cool Panda’s classrooms on Saturdays and include games, songs, crafts, and body movements, among other activities. Home classes are also offered for homeschoolers, neighbors, groups of friends, or individual children who wish to take private lessons. Finally, they offer school extracurricular Chinese classes, which lend advantages to students that benefit them in all their other academic pursuits, and help them be well-rounded individuals.

Cedar Park and the surrounding areas have a wealth of foreign language class offerings, from Mommy and Me classes to classes for children of all ages. Enrolling your child in one of these classes can have lasting benefits beyond the language learned. Of course, Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park is proud to include Spanish and Mandarin in our curriculum for toddlers through 12 years when your child attends any of our programs, including after-school and preschool.