Learning another language can open up your child’s world to different cultures and ways of life. Kids can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills when they learn another language early. Children who take language classes boost several cognitive skills that can help them throughout their academic journey. Young children can easily learn a second language as they are already using the part of their brain to learn their native language. Whether you want your youngster to learn Spanish, Chinese, Italian, or Portuguese, here is a list of five in-person and online language classes your child can take in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area.

Portuguese Today

A child learning a second language on an iPad in Lone Tree, CO

student_ipad_school – 014 by Brad Flickinger is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Kids will have fun learning how to speak Portuguese the Brazilian way when they enroll in virtual classes at Portuguese Today. This 100% online class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to speak Brazilian-style Portuguese, which is important if you want to travel to Brazil. The founder of this method, Luciana Ribbs, uses over 300 practical classes with audio, photos, and videos as teaching platforms. Ms. Ribbs uses the Direct Method of teaching using imagery instead of simple word translation and rules memorization to teach conversational Portuguese.

After your kids take their online Portuguese language class, take them out to any family-friendly restaurants in the Lone Tree area to refuel their minds and bodies.

Location: Virtual classes

Contact: Via the website

Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree

Students enrolled in Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree’s private preschool, and private kindergarten programs learn Spanish as part of their curriculum. The professional teachers at Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree teach the basics of Spanish so children can continue their second language journey as they go on to higher education institutes. In addition, children enrolled in the infant and toddler care programs learn baby sign language to help them express their needs and wants before they can even verbalize words.

Location: 7550 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree

Contact: 303-625-6837

Art of Spanish Institute

Along with English and Chinese, Spanish is commonly spoken worldwide, and you and your family can learn this important language by attending the Art of Spanish Institute. You have many different options for taking classes at the Art of Spanish Institute, including private, semi-private, group, online, and immersion classes. The instructors at this Spanish language school also offer private lessons for kids they can tailor to your child’s learning pace. Kids can adapt their lessons to their busy school and play schedules as the teachers offer flexible classes.

Teens who currently take Spanish classes in their school can get tutoring help from the instructors at the Art of Spanish Institute. The teachers here use the material your teen is studying and expand and elaborate on it to help your teen quickly comprehend Spanish. This tutoring class will help your teenager improve their language grades and to more thoroughly grasp Spanish.

Location: 899 N. Logan St. Suite 101 in Denver

Contact: 720-713-6001

Colorado Chinese Language School

Millions of people worldwide speak Chinese, and you and your family can learn this language by attending the Colorado Chinese Language School. The instructors break the classes into levels depending on the children’s ages, including:

  • Chinese Young Level Class: for kids 4 to 6 who speak no Chinese
  • Chinese Starter Level Class: for kids 5 to 6 who understand some common Chinese phrases
  • Chinese Novice Level Class: for kids 6 years and older who understand Pinyin
  • Chinese Intermediate Level Class: for kids 6 and older who have completed the novice class or know 200 Chinese characters
  • Chinese Advanced Level Class: for kids 7 and up who have completed the intermediate class or know 450 Chinese characters
  • Chinese Advanced Plus Level Class: for kids 7 and up who have completed the advanced course or know 800 Chinese characters

Adults can also take levels of Mandarin classes offered at the Colorado Chinese Language School.

Location: 700 S. Franklin St. in Denver

Contact: cclsschool@gmail.com

Italian Institute

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to speak Italian, you’ll appreciate the online classes at the Italian Institute. This language school offers a variety of classes depending on how quickly you want to learn Italian and what level you want. Popular classes include:

  • Italian for Travelers: a two-week course
  • Italian in One Year: a nine-month class
  • Italian 101, 102, and 103: each class builds on the fundamentals taught at the previous level
  • Italian 201, 202, and 203: each class builds on what the student learns in the 100 series, and builds throughout the series
  • Italian 301, 302, and 303: students gain a deeper understanding of the Italian language taught in the 100 and 200 series and each 300 series builds on the previous level within the series
  • Beginner Conversation: must complete at least Italian 102
  • Intermediate Conversation: must complete Italian 202 or equivalent
  • Advanced Conversation: must complete Italian 303 or equivalent
  • Italian Proficiency 1, 2, and 3: each class builds on the previous one
  • Master Conversation: for those who want to learn conversational Italian

The instructors teach all classes online at scheduled times with a minimum of four students.

Location: Online via Zoom

Contact: Via the website

Our team at Crème de la Crème of Lone Tree hopes you enjoy enrolling yourself or your children in any of these language classes in our area or online. What language does your family want to learn? Is there another place or website to take language classes that you can recommend? If you have a suggestion, let us know as we always enjoy learning about new language classes and schools in the Lone Tree, Colorado, area.