Heading out to eat with your family can create a fun experience. Still, if you want to stay healthy, finding the right restaurants can feel like a challenge. That’s where Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park (Lakeline Blvd.) comes in. We’ve curated this list of amazing eateries in and around our hometown to make planning your next outing easy.

Salt N Pepper Indian Dine and Wine

Ingredients for a sauce at a healthy eatery in Cedar Grove, TX

Image used with permission via Unsplash by ratulghoshr

If you’re searching for a delicious yet healthy meal without traveling far at all, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Salt N Pepper Indian Dine and Wine. Located right here in Cedar Park, this eclectic restaurant makes a great place to go for a family meal. You can relax in a welcoming environment, all while sampling tasty treats from across the globe.

Salt N Pepper specializes in authentic and modern Indian fusion food, offering plenty of options that bring together flavors and Indian, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine. Start a meal off with a soup like stir-fried baby corn and other vegetables or a traditional Indian lentil soup, and enjoy appetizers like cauliflower wings or vegetarian spring rolls. Then, delve into an expansive menu featuring dishes with vegetables, chicken, lamb, fish, and beyond.

Whether you’re in the mood for curry or fried rice, biryani or grilled entrees, there’s something for everyone here. You can even order family packs to take the guesswork out of a fun meal with loved ones. Add a tasty drink like a mango lassi, made from low-fat yogurt, mango, and spices, to put the finishing touches on a meal to remember.

Nancy’s Sky Garden

With three easy-to-access locations in Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown, Nancy’s Sky Garden is a great option any time you’re craving a healthy meal. This small Texas chain is dedicated to providing locals with healthy, tasty choices. That translates to dishes that utilize fresh greens, superfoods like avocados, and other ingredients that boost health, all without sacrificing flavor.

So, what can you expect when you head into one of the nearby Nancy’s Sky Garden locations? Though the menus vary a bit, highlights include healing cabbage soup, vegetable poke bowls, and signature plates like the trio rainbow, which brings together carrots, red and white cabbage, tomatoes, pineapples, and grapes with balsamic dressing and sweet potato noodles. Add proteins like lentils, grilled chicken skewers, smoked salmon, or tofu to customize a meal to your taste.

You can even get healthy hot or iced drinks along with your meal. From jasmine and chamomile tea to kombucha and beyond, this restaurant really does it all. You’ll find fully gluten-free and vegan options throughout the menu, too, so you can easily find a meal to love no matter your diet. All in all, when you’re thinking healthy food, Nancy’s Sky Garden should sit near the top of your list.

Fresh Heim

Make the quick trip to Austin to savor the flavors Fresh Heim serves. You’ll find a selection of fresh dishes at this restaurant, all cooked keeping an eye to Fresh Heim’s commitment to affordable, delicious, and healthy food. That means functional ingredients that draw on natural flavoring, home-grown sprouts, and sauces, soups, and juices made fresh each day. This is also the place to go if you’re craving delicious steak but don’t want to sacrifice your health to get it!

The owner of this restaurant, Soon Park, is a nutritionist, herbalist, and pharmacist — not to mention, a great cook. The result is Fresh Heim, an eatery that expertly combines health and flavor. High-quality, functional ingredients emphasize freshness and nutrition. That goes for everything on the menu, from the salads and soups to steak, grilled chicken, and pork.

If you’re a meat lover looking for healthy options, this is the place to go. The menu complements meats with vegetables, fruits, and sauces chosen for their nutrition. Add a tea or juice and enjoy. Fresh Heim will have you coming back for more every chance you get.

Caspian Grill

Another popular Austin eatery, Caspian Grill offers a menu chock full of amazing Persian dishes. That’s good news if you’re looking for healthy meals. Many dishes in Persian cuisine use ingredients like herbs, vegetables, and rice alongside proteins like fish, poultry, beef, or lamb. Thanks to the fresh green herbs, vegetables, and fruits, you’ll find many dishes that deliver in terms of nutrition.

Iran boasts a long agricultural history, which means a rich culinary tradition drawing on a wide variety of flavors. You’ll find everything from hot pots to tropical foods on the menu.

Start with an appetizer like traditional pickled vegetables, or dive right into a soup, salad, or wrap. You’ll also find an assortment of grilled entrees, stews, and sides, as well as a whole section of the menu dedicated to vegan dishes. If you want to indulge at the end of the meal, you can’t go wrong with Persian ice cream. This saffron ice cream is infused with pistachio, almond, rose water, and dry cream.

Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine

Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine is another great Austin restaurant you’ll want to check out. This family-owned spot offers authentic, traditional dishes that will make you feel like you just stepped off the streets of Jerusalem.

Enjoy hummus or baba ghanouj before treating yourself to a salad like fattoush, a Mediterranean blend that brings together toasted pita bread, tomatoes, parsley radish, romaine lettuce, onions, and cucumbers, then seasons it with herbs and serves with homemade lemon and olive oil dressing.

That’s just the start, of course. You can go for sandwiches, dinner plates, or specialty pizzas like the Mediterranean pizza. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Almarah makes finding healthy meals a breeze.That concludes our list of healthy eateries close to home. We hope this list from Crème de la Crème of Cedar Park (Lakeline Blvd.) helps get you inspired the next time you’re looking for healthy menu options for a meal out. Does your family have a favorite healthy spot we didn’t include on this list? Drop us a line so we can check out your recommendation!