The kitchen is a great resource to introduce children to at an early age. Not only do they get to explore and try new food, they learn math through measuring, and little hands can practice fine motor skills while mixing and adding ingredients. Following a recipe helps children with procedural directions and completing a dish is fulfilling, which can help build their self-esteem. 

Busy parents don’t always have time to look up child-appropriate recipes. However, classes hosted by skilled chefs and instructors are full of information and tips to help little ones master the art of cooking. Read on to learn about cooking classes appropriate for children so they can learn skills that will be with them for life. 

Way Cool Cooking School Inc.

Way Cool Cooking School Inc., one of the best educational resource centers for young people in the area, offers cooking classes to help children gain confidence and lifelong skills. It uses the kitchen and creative instruction to ignite the imagination and instill in children a self-awareness and love for learning. Way Cool Cooking School Inc. offers in-house classes and take-home cooking and baking kits if your children prefer to work in more familiar surroundings. 

While some classes are focused on holiday themes, like Holiday Cooking Baking and Winter Wonderland Baking, others are suitable for any time of year and are still as fun and beneficial as the themed courses. Consider something like Pasta Making and More, which incorporates the use of the hands and is ideal for the more tactile learners who like to play with soft mushy things like play dough. 

Another favorite is Valentine’s Baking. This puts a creative and more personal spin on the classic Valentines and allows your child to show off their handiwork to family and friends while still providing a sweet treat to their loved ones. 

Way Cool Cooking School is at 16544 W. 78th St. in Eden Prairie. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but events are offered seven days a week. Other services include corporate office parties, birthday parties for children and adults, cooking field trips, and summer cooking camps. To find out more, call 952-949-6799 or email the owner and president, Lynn Elliot, at

Raddish Kids

If you and your child want to experience a cooking class but are also interested in staying home in your pajamas, check out Raddish Kids. This business features options for both cooking and baking and offers a Global Eats Club. The method is simple. You hop onto their website, select the service you want to opt-in for, then click on your selections. 

Cooking classes are available for chefs of varying levels of expertise, and an array of different entrees. Currently, the Bonus Bites section lets you learn how to make dishes like handmade pasta Alfredo, hummus, French crepes, garlic fried rice, and classic mashed potatoes. 

The instructors are meticulously selected and vetted based on interviews and reviews to ensure that standards remain high, and instruction is consistently focused on the needs of young learners. Memberships are ideal for busy families and can help you bond with your child while they learn important skills. You can opt for the Cooking Club, Baking Club, or Global Eats Club. The Cooking Club focuses on breakfast, dessert, and everything in between. It includes digital access to all recipes and costs $23.95 per month. 

The Baking Club includes a new monthly kit delivered to your door. It comes with a “Quick Bake Recipe Guide,” a quality kitchen tool to add to your collection, a collectible colorful apron patch with talking cards, culinary skills basics, and a complete grocery list. Kits don’t repeat, so you’ll be treated to new flavors and learn new skills each month. Prices for the Baking Club also begin at $23.95 per month. 

If you’re not into the subscriptions, you can order kits separately. Cook-Along kits begin at $15 each and range from Italian gnocchi and banana bread to gingerbread cookies and chocolate souffle cake. Seasonal and STEAM-based kits are also available, with some being so encouraging they get the entire family involved. We suggest you get the Family Fun Night Cooking Kit for $27.95. It’ll help create some lasting memories for everyone. 


Cozymeal offers cooking classes, food tours, team-building experiences, and online options. This is a great opportunity for you and your child to bond over a new and enticing dish. You can select from various options and explore flavors with your little one. You’ll benefit from chef-recommended cookware, hands-on learning, professional recipes provided by chefs from around the world, and an ingredient and kit delivery right to your door. You don’t even have to visit the grocery store. 

Using their available search engine, select Minneapolis and then the date range you are looking to schedule your class. There are options to filter your search using topics like Holiday, Baking, Pasta Making, or Beginner level. Kids will probably love the Feel Good Treats class. It is beginner-level and starts at $79 per person. You can even opt to have a chef come to you. The course is two hours long, all-inclusive, and guides you through four courses. Learn all about decadent brownies, cinnamon chocolate nuts, sweet mousse, and key lime protein bars. Kids will see you can be healthy and still treat yourself.

There you have it. Crème de la Crème of Maple Grove has relished the opportunity to share our list of the top cooking classes accessible to you and your child in Maple Grove. Whether you prefer to cook in the privacy of your own home and follow along remotely or want the experience of cooking in a professional kitchen, there’s something to fit your schedule and needs. What do you think? Is there a class for your child that interests you? If there is, let us know! Leave us a message sharing your thoughts, and we’ll be happy to check out what you have to say.