Many people come to Las Vegas for the sights, gambling, and fun. However, as a local, you can find many places to enjoy that do not revolve around the Strip’s activities. If you find yourself in the mood for some Las Vegas ethnic food, the city has plenty of tasty options that give you the chance to sample authentic food from nearly any country without leaving home. Eating foods from different countries also allows you to teach your child about other cultures while helping expand their little palates. Here is a look at the best ethnic restaurants in Las Vegas. 

Dream Kabob

Onion, bell pepper, mushroom, pineapple, and sausage kabobs ready to go over the fire.

Kabobs!” by allison is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dream Kabob opened in 2018 to bring delicious Mediterranean food to the area. They provide a wide selection of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Persian foods. Dream Kabob is family-owned and operated. The restaurant won the Best of Las Vegas Gold Winner given by the Las Vegas Review-Journal for 2020. Their magnificent chef has been creating Persian cuisine for over 25 years and takes pride in providing diners with the best ingredients and authentic taste. 

While kabobs may be in the restaurant’s name, Dream Kabob offers so much more. Enjoy their tasty stews, delectable desserts, and scrumptious salads. They also serve specials like tahchin, lamb shank, aush, and chicken stew. Food can be eaten at the restaurant or ordered online for pick-up or delivery. Dream Kabob is also available to cater your next family event. 


Head on over to POTs to get your fill of Egyptian cuisine every day of the week (except Sundays).  This restaurant specializes in vegan Egyptian foods, from salads and sweet potato fries to koshari and taamia. There is something for everyone. Their pita bread is made fresh daily, and they even have cauliflower shawarma. 

The owner, Iman, prides herself on taking the expected flavors of Egyptian food and mixing it up. They take fresh ingredients and cook them in a traditional Egyptian style, making a delightful array of food that everyone in the family can enjoy. This is the perfect spot to hit up if you have never tried Egyptian food before and want to branch out. Eat on-site or order takeout. If you want a night in, you can even have the food delivered to your home. 

Hafez Persian Cuisine

The family-owned Hafez Persian Cuisine has been open since 2014. They serve authentic Persian dishes prepared daily with high-quality ingredients to give you the best experience and taste. Dishes include lamb shank, beef koobideh, chicken soltani, and many other Persian favorites. 

Hafez Persian Cuisine was also the 2016 winner of the Las Vegas Top 25 Casual Dining award, adding some local recognition to their flavor-filled food. If you are looking for Persian food for your next gathering, they also provide catering. 

Asmara Restaurant

If you are interested in giving Ethiopian food a try, look no further than Asmara Restaurant. Their small menu gives you a look into traditional dishes without overwhelming you with too many options. Give their kitfo a try with its hot pepper and homemade cottage cheese. You can order it raw, which is the traditional presentation, or you can get it rare, medium, or well-done. 

If you are leaning more toward chicken or lamb, order their kelwa derho or the kelwa beggee. Many dishes come with the meat cubed or diced with hot peppers, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and some yogurt.  The restaurant also offers vegetable entrees if you are vegetarian or looking for a way to make veggies exciting for your child. For that, try the shiro, bersin, or kantisha. 

Asmara opens just in time for dinner at 6 p.m. If you enjoy your night there with the family, you can always go back for date night. They are open until 4 a.m. with a hookah bar and live music. 

Nigerian Food

Keeping with the African food theme, try Nigerian Food. Among this restaurant’s specialties are jollof rice, egusi soup, okra soup, and suya.  Get a side of fufu with every dish. Fufu is pounded yam made into a ball. It sticks together with an almost Play-Doh-like consistency that is perfect for dipping into your stews. 

The food here is more on the pricey side, but the flavor and experience are worth the price. Often there is a little bit of a wait, so you will want to bring something for the kiddos to do. However, they will love the chance to “play” with their food when eating the fufu.

Sofrito Rico Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

If you are looking for a taste of Puerto Rican food, look no further than Sofrito Rico Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine. You’ll find yummy food like mofongo and other Caribbean eats. The restaurant first opened in the Campus Commons Food Court but grew into its own stand-alone location. Taste traditional foods like trifongo and arroz con gandules, and for your main dish, try the ever-popular churrasco or pollo guisado. You will be sure to leave stuffed and happy you came. 

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar is situated in a large building in the Flamingo Business Center on West Flamingo Road, giving you plenty of room to enjoy your Ethiopian cuisine. The staff is friendly and ready to help you decide what dishes you would like to eat and how hot you want to go. 

Give their beef tibs, doro wot, or yebeg wot a try. The restaurant has vegetarian food in addition to their other entrees, so there is something for everyone. Lucy’s offers authentic flavors coupled with a fantastic dining experience.  While the interior may feel a bit cafeteria-like, it is filled with friendly people and good food. 

Here at Crème de la Crème of Las Vegas, NV, we hope you enjoy our list of best ethnic cuisines in Las Vegas. Give each one a try and let us know which one is your favorite. It is important to expand your child’s horizons and open their eyes to different foods and cultures. If you have a favorite that you did not see on the list, share it with us! We enjoy eating at the various ethnic restaurants around Las Vegas and would love to give additional ones a try.