Taking Mommy and Me classes helps to create a special bond with your child. Not only are these classes a great way to interact in a variety of ways with your child, other parents, and their children, but Mommy and Me classes help children build important social and developmental skills. As a young child, the parent is often the first playmate they interact with. Children may become intimidated when they first encounter other kids after the comfort and security of playing mostly with their parent or sibling.

Taking them to Mommy and Me classes gives them the security of a familiar parent while exposing them to other kids and adults. In addition, taking these style of classes help to create a fun morning or afternoon together. When you’re looking for cool Mommy and Me classes in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area, check out these four recommendations.

City Lights Music Together

A child plays the peace pipe during a mommy and me class in Las Vegas, NV

Project 365 #177: 260615 Peace Pipe” licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0 via Flickr by comedy_nose

Whether you live in Summerlin, Henderson, the Northwest, or Southwest, you can find a City Lights Music Together center for you and your little ones to discover the wonder of making music together. Instead of structured music classes offered at many music academies, City Lights Music Together provides a warm and supportive environment for both parent and child to explore spontaneous musical creativity.

The team at City Lights Music Together believes that children can learn quicker and retain the information longer when they see their parents engaging in the same activity and this is why they offer and encourage moms to take Mommy and Me music classes.

Look for classes including Rhythm Kids, Bop ‘Til You Drop, Mixed-Age Music classes, or Babies Music class. When you enroll in a membership, you can take a series of your favorite classes that build on skill levels so your child creates a positive relationship with their musical abilities. City Lights Music Together also offers family classes for children with special needs.

Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas

Get your body moving and flexible with prenatal, postnatal, or pelvic health yoga at Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas. The unique educational system of Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas includes hands-on, online, or mobile yoga classes to accommodate your busy schedule.

The Baby & Me Yoga class is open for moms, dads, or caregivers with infants aged from one month to 12 months old. The focus of this class is for students to learn how to reduce the stress of being a new parent or caregiver by relieving shoulder and neck stress as well as building inner core muscles. The Mom Strong class emphasizes the importance of building muscle and introducing your baby to basic yoga routines and equipment.

Another great class to take is the Partner Prenatal Yoga class. This class is designed for you, your partner, and your baby to connect on a deep level by moving with them in various yoga positions. This class helps to enhance communication and listening skills within the family and also teaches mindfulness techniques to help with parenting and future pregnancies. All of these classes are fun and supportive for everyone. Prenatal Yoga Las Vegas has studios in downtown, Southwest, and Henderson.

King Art Studio

Bring out the inner artist in you and your child by taking Mommy and Me art classes from King Art Studio. Working together on art projects creates a fun bond between you and your child while they learn cognitive as well as developmental skills that will help them throughout their life. The child will learn how to safely use scissors, apply paint with brushes, sculpt clay, and how to pair colors.

A professional instructor will be with you to show you tips and techniques to help you create and craft your art project. At the end of the class, your child can take home their artwork and will cherish the fun and special time the two of you had together. In addition to learning art skills, you’ll also meet other moms that you can connect with, and your child can play with other kids to help them develop social skills.

You and your little one can attend the one-hour Mommy and Me workshop held every weekday during the morning hours. You’ll receive a canvas panel or watercolor paper to create your masterpiece on, and you’ll have instructional time with one of King Art Studio’s professional artists. This workshop is ideal for kids between the ages of 2 to 5. You can find King Art Studio at 2016 W. Sunset Road Suite 100 in Henderson.

Las Vegas Circus Center

If you have a child who is an aspiring circus performer, then you can take a class with them at the Las Vegas Circus Center. Mommy (or Parent) and Me classes are open to children 5 to 7 years old who are participating with their parent in the same Circus Experience class. Activities featured in the experience include the flying trapeze, aerial arts, and introduction to the trampoline or trampwall.

These circus classes are great for developing fitness and motor skills and even overcoming a fear of heights. As you and your youngster go through the activities, self-esteem builds as you and they become proficient with each phase of the activity. Each class is adapted to the physical level of each participant so that all levels can enjoy this unique experience. The 90-minute Circus Experience sampling class is available for first-time guests to the Las Vegas Circus Center and is held every Saturday. You can find the Las Vegas Circus Center at 6425 S. Jones Blvd. Suite 102 in Las Vegas.All of us at Creme de la Creme of Las Vegas understand the importance of the social and developmental benefits of taking Mommy and Me classes and hope that you enjoyed our list of recommendations. Which Mommy and Me class was your favorite? Which one will you attend again? If you have a suggestion for other Las Vegas Mommy and Me classes, feel free to let us know and we’ll add them to our list.