When plant-based meals are made with fresh ingredients using the right kind of herbs and spices, kids love them. Taking your family to plant-based restaurants opens up a culinary adventure for everyone and exposes them to a fun and healthy way of eating. 

The next time you want a tasty and nutritious meal, check out these six plant-based restaurants in the Plano, Texas, area.

Nom Nom’s Mexican Grill

Guacamole ingredients on a cutting board at a plant-based restaurant in Plano, TX

Guacamole parts…” licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr by austinevan

Nom Nom’s Mexican Grill offers two local locations, one in McKinney and one in Plano, so you’ll never miss out on fun Mexican-inspired dishes here. This family-owned and -operated restaurant makes everything from scratch using fresh produce and herbs. You can get any of their burritos, bowls, salads, nachos, or tacos meat-free. Fillings include homemade pico de gallo, mango, pineapple, tomato, and tomatillo salsa that you can add to your vegan or vegetarian dishes.

If you eat dairy, try homemade chipotle sour cream and cheese options on your food. Kids can get their own cheese quesadilla or vegetarian burritos so they can savor some south-of-the-border flavors. Save room for Nom Nom’s Mexican Grill’s homemade ice cream such as dulce de leche or strawberry jalapeno. Their fruit popsicles include flavors like mango with chili, coconut, or Key lime pie. 

The Plano location is at 6121 W. Park Blvd. FC-108.

Malgudi Garden

Everyone in the family can find something they’ll love to eat at Malgudi Garden. This family-oriented vegetarian restaurant uses fresh ingredients and classic Indian recipes handed down through generations. The menu varies from soups and salads to vegetarian pizzas and entrees made with care. When you arrive at Malgudi Garden, start with an appetizer such as oyster mushrooms in a sesame seed sauce or crispy cauliflower fritters. Then, warm your belly with the vegetable soup made with grains and aromatic spices, or cool off with a quinoa salad tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh parsley.

Rice pots include fragrant Basmati rice pilaf with vegetables or savory cumin. And you can scoop up the rice with plain, garlic, or cheese naan. For an entree, have a serving of tofu tikka masala, the spicy potato roast, or palak paneer with fresh spinach and tofu. You can also get classic aloo gobi, a type of curried cauliflower dish served with spices, tomatoes, and potatoes. 

Check Malgudi Garden’s website for specials like Holistic Health Lunch Buffet, Dhaba Night Buffet, or Weekend Breakfast Buffet. Stop by 5024 Tennyson Parkway in Plano to enjoy vegetarian Indian cuisine. 

Jeff’s Vegan

For simple yet tasty vegan food, try some of Jeff’s Vegan samplings over at 3580 Preston Road in Frisco. On a cold day, warm up with a bowl of miso or wonton soup filled with vegetables and vegetable-based broth. Entrees include vegan Chinese-inspired favorites such as spicy kung pao with vegetables, water chestnuts, peanuts, and tofu.

Choose a curry dish with vegetables simmered in a yellow, green, or red curry sauce, or indulge in the dish made with vegetables, black beans, and zesty barbecue sauce. You can even have a burger at Jeff’s Vegan with offerings made from vegan bacon, black bean protein, or even vegan cheese. Share a plate of vegetable chow mien, chow fung, or Pad Thai.

Fill up on mixed vegetables with tofu in a special sauce, garlic eggplant, or spicy tofu. The kid’s menu includes vegetable fried rice or a vegan hot dog with fries. Save room for dessertS like a crispy sesame rice ball or a slice of vegan carrot cake.


Another great place to find freshly prepared authentic Indian food is Kesari, located at 3100 Independence Parkway in Plano. This restaurant uses age-old recipes to create fragrant and aromatic dishes. Enjoy small plates with a beverage like mango lassi, masala buttermilk, or masala tea, hot or cold. Appetizers include favorites such as spicy lentil cakes or steamed rice with spices, clarified butter, and savory cashews. Enjoy the thin pancake-like dosas filled with caramelized onions, potato curry, or sauteed mixed vegetables and special spices.

For a complete meal that the family can share, choose from the thali menu. The thali plate is filled with small bowls containing rice, vegetables, yogurt, raisins, pickled vegetables, a piece of dessert, and a generous helping of freshly made chapati bread. Save room for ice cream with offerings like almond, butterscotch, or the sitaphal made with custard apples.

Pho Apple

When you’re looking for tasty Vietnamese food, head over to Pho Apple at 5930 W Park Boulevard in Plano. Complement your meal here with a glass of authentic Thai tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, savory-sweet coconut juice, or freshly squeezed limeade. Enjoy an appetizer such as tofu spring rolls or a bowl of steamed edamame.

On a warm afternoon, have a refreshing salad served with a homemade ginger dressing or a vegetable tofu sandwich served with pickled vegetables. Savor a rice plate with curried tofu and vegetables, delicious tofu Pad Thai, or stir-fried tofu with noodles served with a rich sauce. For dessert, consider a strawberry or taro smoothie.

Bavette Grill

Take the family for an upscale meal with plenty of plant-based dishes when you dine at Bavette Grill. Enjoy appetizers like spinach dip or tomato basil soup, or the farro and Brussels sprouts plate. Have a salad with fresh seasonal berries, honey-glazed pecans, and roasted pistachios served with a honey vinaigrette and poppy seed dressing. Order sides such as creamy coleslaw, wild rice pilaf, garlic herb french-cut fries, or mascarpone cream of corn. And satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of Key lime pie or flourless chocolate cake. 

Find Bavette Grill at 8100 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 115 in Plano.Our team at Creme de Creme of Plano, Texas, understands the importance of having kids enjoy healthy and fun plant-based meals. We hope you enjoyed our recommendations. Which restaurant and dish were your family’s favorites? If you know of a special vegan or vegetarian-focused restaurant that we missed, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list.