Just recently my younger son, Jack, was assessed by his school teacher. When the results came in, she was surprised that he had done poorly in the math component because she knows that Jack LOVES math; he brags that it is his “best subject.” She explained to me what had happened, her concern, and asked that we talk to him about what happened during the assessment at home. She then took it upon herself to request a retake because she knows what my son is capable of.

            I share this story because it is a perfect example of the role that teachers play in life and learning. They spend more hours per day with our children than many of us are able to. Had I not received that communication from my son’s teacher and felt the concern in her words, I would not be aware that my son needed some help, and maybe a mother’s ear to listen to what was going on beyond knowing how to add and subtract.

            Preschool teachers are a different kind of educator. The care they provide goes well beyond teaching academics. It includes tending to their scrapes and bruises, ensuring they are kind and gentle with others, making sure they aren’t hungry or getting sunburn, detecting when something just isn’t right, wiping tears away when their feelings or hurt or they don’t want to take a nap. The knowledge teachers gain about student’s likes, dislikes, friends, strengths, weaknesses, allergies, favorite color… these things require love and respect. Love inspires teachers to get to a child’s level, discuss their feelings, and offer a comforting hug. Respect prompts teachers to challenge children to live up to their potential and set them up for success. This is the new-age “village” that supports children and parents during these profound years.  

            When parents explore preschool options, they look for a warm environment and loving teachers that not only guide their child toward kindergarten readiness, but also partner with parents to nurture their child toward being a good person. Knowing that your child is in safe hands is priceless, and it is the mission of Crème de la Crème to provide every single child in our care the love and respect they deserve.

To all of the teachers out there, for all that you do, thank you!

Dr. Masek
VP of Education