More and more families are looking to eat healthier to help improve their overall well-being. While you can prepare and cook your own healthy meals at home, why not explore some of the great restaurants in the Romeoville, Illinois, area? For your convenience, our team at Crème de la Crème of Romeoville has put together this list of five healthy eateries in our wonderful area.

Bee Brothers

A healthy looking salad at  a restaurant near Romeoville, IL

Salad by Raniel Diaz is licensed with CC BY 2.0

When you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly breakfast or lunch spot that serves healthy food, head over to Bee Brothers. This popular restaurant offers diners breakfast favorites such as omelets with hash browns, waffles with fresh fruit, or classic eggs Benedict. Healthy breakfast choices include crepes filled with fruit or omelets made with egg whites and vegetables.

When you stop by for lunch, look for dishes like the wraps filled with grilled chicken and lettuce with Caesar dressing, or one made with albacore tuna and pesto mayonnaise. The chefs at Bee Brothers also have a variety of crisp salads and a vegan, gluten-free, and keto menu with items like avocado toast, vegan breakfast skillet, or eggs Benedict served without bread.

Having a hearty and healthy breakfast at Bee Brothers is the perfect way to fuel your body before enjoying any of the hikes in the Romeoville area.

Location: 472 N. Weber Road in Romeoville

Contact: 815-660-6358.

Sushi Train

Whether you want sushi rolls with fresh seafood and vegetables, a bowl of tasty edamame, or vegetable tempura, you’ll find just what you’re craving at Sushi Train. Start your Japanese-inspired meal with appetizers like miso soup or seaweed salad before moving on to either your main meal of sushi or one of Sushi Train’s specialties. On a chilly Romeoville evening, warm up with a bowl of udon soup with vegetables, seaweed, and your choice of protein.

You can enjoy an interactive experience when you build your own poke bowl from Sushi Train. You’ll start with choosing your poke bowl base, then the protein, all the toppings you want, and then whichever sauce you want to tantalize your palate. The kids even have their own menu with offerings like salmon or chicken teriyaki made in smaller portions.

Location: 70 S. Weber Road in Romeoville

Contact: 815-886-1166.

Pita Zone

After visiting museums in the Romeoville area, stop by Pita Zone to sample a variety of Mediterranean-inspired foods everyone in the family will enjoy eating. Once a staff member of Pita Zone seats your family, order appetizers to share like tangy hummus, smoky baba ghanoush, or lemony stuffed grape leaves. You can also start your meal with a refreshing cucumber yogurt salad or a warming cup of spicy lentil soup.

If you want a pita wrap, choose items like chicken shawarma, beef kefta, or lamb shish-kebab wraps. For entree choices, you can have chicken or lamb kebabs with rice and a green salad, or chicken and meat platters served with pita bread, rice, falafel, and a green salad. The youngsters in the family can order from the kids’ menu with small servings of items like the chicken kebab served with rice or fries and a small drink.

Location: 497 S. Weber Road in Bolingbrook

Contact: 630-410-2064

Vegan Cafe

The Vegan Cafe serves only raw, organic, vegan, and gluten-free meals and snacks. The team at Vegan Cafe serves all foods either cold or at room temperature and never cooks food over 110 degrees. Using this type of cooking method helps preserve essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients often lost when cooked at high heat.

As soon as you arrive at the Vegan Cafe, you’ll notice the warm and friendly ambiance encouraging you to relax while you enjoy your meal. Appetizers include innovative offerings such as Thai spring rolls made with collard leaf wraps and filled with raw vegetables and pumpkin seed cheese or pizza bites made with a sunflower seed/almond crust and topped with cashew cheese, marinara sauce, mushrooms, and basil. You can satisfy your pasta cravings with favorites like creamy Alfredo made with spiral-cut zucchini noodles, marinated mushrooms, green onions, and vegan parmesan cheese.

The family will be amazed at the walnut-based Sloppy Joe, the plant-based Loaded Burger with cashew cheese, carrot bacon, and vegetables, or the Sushi Pizza with pumpkin seed cheese, Thai sauce, marinated mushrooms, vegetables, and seaweed sprinkles. Be sure to save room for dessert with tasty raw treats like chocolate macaroons made with coconut, agave, cocoa, and dates or chocolate macaroons made with pecans, dates, cacao, and vanilla.

Location: 928 S. State St. in Lockport

Contact: 815-838-4626

Som Za Thai Cuisine

You’ll find lots of beautifully presented foods with vibrant colors and flavors when you eat at Som Za Thai Cuisine in Joliet. The chefs at this eatery offer Thai-inspired and Asian-fusion meals sure to please any family member’s palate. You’ll appreciate the fresh natural ingredients found in all the dishes the team at Som Za Thai Cuisine serves, including starters like egg rolls with crisp vegetables and delicate glass noodles or the chicken satay with grilled chicken marinated in turmeric spice.

If you’re looking for lighter fare, choose the green papaya or seaweed salad. Favorite Thai-style foods include Pad Thai and Thai fried rice. Curry enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of red, green, or yellow curries served with exotic vegetables and coconut milk. The Som Za Thai Cuisine chefs offer house specials such as orange chicken served with a rainbow of colored vegetables or the priew wan with Thai sweet and sour battered chicken with pineapple and assorted vegetables.

Location: 2781 Black Road in Joliet

Contact: 815-582-4533

Are you hungry after reading about these healthy eateries in the Romeoville area? Which restaurant is your favorite? What type of healthy food does your family enjoy eating the most? Our team at Crème de la Crème of Romeoville understands there are many great restaurants nearby that offer healthy foods and we may have missed one on this list. If you have a suggestion for one, let us know as we like to know about other fabulous eateries in our area.