Preschool is the ideal time for your child to learn new things, like a second language. Experts say studying a new lingo comes with many unexpected benefits, including improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills. You may even notice your child listens better and is more creative. Use our guide if you’d like to take advantage of these perks. Here are seven language classes your kids can try around Oklahoma City.

The Language Company

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Located within the University of Central Oklahoma campus, The Language Company (TLC) offers children an outstanding foreign language program. Your kids will love being exposed to different cultures and learning how to speak a foreign dialect. In addition, parents can feel confident knowing this group is an accredited partner of Global Indiana INC and a State of Indiana technical assistance partner.

TLC’s highly recommended program is perfect for young children who want to learn multiple languages, including French, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. The teachers here use relatable and educational themes that help develop math and reading readiness while cultivating connected global citizens. Topics range from animals and colors to feelings and family. You can also enroll your children in TLC’s tutoring sessions and private lessons.

Metropolitan Library System

Did you know that you can learn a new language at your local library? Oklahoma City’s Metropolitan offers cutting-edge learning software. These online resources are available from the convenience of your home or on the go with your mobile device.

Your family’s free library card gets everyone unlimited access to programs like Mango Languages. So start your child’s language-learning journey or sharpen your own Spanish, French, or Mandarin skills. You can also learn German and Korean, plus over 60 other languages, including, yes, Pirate.

Little Pim is the kid’s version of Mango Languages. This valuable tool engages children with interactive videos and includes modern Hebrew, Russian, and Levantine Arabic. You can also access Kanopy’s ESL and language learning videos, Signing Savvy, and Odilo, a collection of Spanish language eBooks and eAudiobooks. The process is as simple as selecting a language and following the program’s learning track.

Takelessons is a terrific online resource that’s powered by Microsoft. This database helps parents like you find the best language expert for your family at an affordable price. Its quality instructors develop customized lesson plans that guide your kids every step of the way at their pace. The company even offers a 100% guarantee. Give it a try. If you’re not satisfied with your class, you’ll get a refund of your unused balance.

Popular language lessons include Spanish, English, French, and Korean. For example, Sonia H. from the National Chung Hsing University teaches Mandarin. You can study over the internet or in person. Some tutors come to your home, while others teach out of theirs. Most classes start around $15 an hour, making it an excellent choice for those kids who aren’t sure if they want to commit.

Little Spanish Bridge

Speaking Spanish can open up many opportunities for your child. Bilingual employees are in high demand because Spanish speakers are the largest minority in the country. By learning to communicate with this language, your kids will improve future job prospects while immersing themselves in another culture without ever leaving home.

Little Spanish Bridge is an exceptional place for the whole family to learn. This Montessori-based studio aims to develop independent thinkers and authentic problem solvers while teaching students to respect our diverse community. Its full-immersion foreign language program provides classes for infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and adults that stimulate students’ minds through music, art, dance, and play. They’ll exercise and have fun, all while practicing Spanish.

French and African Language and Culture Center

Yolande of the French and African Language Center is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She immigrated to the U.S. in 2000 and now offers several unique language courses, including native African languages like Lingala, Swahili, Kikongo, and French.

Learn over Zoom or by appointment at the Center on Alameda Plaza. Lessons for children from preschoolers to 14 are just $20 an hour, and adults pay $35. You can also get a discounted registration fee when you reserve packages that include six or 12 lessons. Before you enroll, make sure you have time for homework because you’ll receive assignments.

The Chickasaw Nation

Oklahoma City is home to many Native peoples, including the Chickasaw Nation. This indigenous group believes that Chihoowa (God) gave language to the Chickasaw tribe, and it’s their responsibility to care for it, learn it, speak it, and, most importantly, teach it to children so it may endure.

Learn the Chickasaw language with community classes. Students meet once a week with a fluent speaker in Ardmore, Sulphur, Tishomingo, and East Central University. This Ada location offers four course levels, and it’s taught each fall and spring. The Chickasaw Basic app was the first developed by a nation. It features hundreds of words, phrases, and songs. The app is currently available for free on the iTunes app store.

Crème de la Crème of Oklahoma City

The expert educators at Crème de la Crème of Oklahoma City designed our program to stimulate your child’s natural inclinations with multiple 30-minute enrichment programs, like our Second Language Library. We’ll introduce your kids to both Mandarin and Spanish, with an added focus on culture, vocabulary, and music. It’s their passport to the world without leaving home.

Through a series of fun and interactive activities like stories, songs, and games, your little ones will pick up new phrases quickly. In addition, our infant sign language program gives your babies a way to communicate before they can verbalize their needs.

So, there you have it. Crème de la Crème of Oklahoma City informed you of the best places to find language classes for the family. Did you like our picks? Did we miss a favorite school — one Oklahoma parents will love? Let us know if we did! Then, drop us a line, and we’ll add it to our list.